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Archivio Tipografico Online Store

Il particolare nella progettazione grafica

By Jost Hochuli, translated in Italian by Graziella Girardello.

First edition, from 1988.

Format: 13,5 × 22,4
Page count: 46
Language: Italian
Printed in Switzerland
©Compugraphic Corporation, Wilmington (Mass), 1988


Come si fa un libro

By Jost Hochuli, translated in Italian.

First edition, from 1989.

Format: 13,5 × 22,4
Page count: 78
Language: Italian
Printed in Switzerland
©Compugraphic Corporation, Wilmington (Mass), 1989


Sinfonia Meccanica

Book and cassette tape released by SØVN Records.

The audio tracks were composed with sounds sampled from the same machines used to produce the book. Includes streaming and digital download. Available in neon yellow and neon red, please let us know via email which color you’d like to receive.

Sound design / composition: Francesco Ameglio
Graphic design: Studio 23.56
Audio samples: Francesco Ameglio, Andrea Bo
Printing, binding: Archivio Tipografico
Edition of 60 numbered copies
Paper: Fedrigoni Arcoprint Milk
Cover: Guyenne Sunifluo
Format: 16 × 23 cm
Torino, 2019


Un rumore familiare

Poster printed live for the premiere of Sinfonia Meccanica at Archivio Tipografico on the 11th September 2019.
Available in neon yellow and neon red, please let us know via email which color you’d like to receive.

Printed with movable types, polymer plates and hand-cut matrices.
Graphic design: Studio 23.56
Printing: Archivio Tipografico
Paper: Guyenne Sunifluo
Format: 47.5 × 66 cm
Language: Italian, English
Torino, 2019


Voices / Noises tote bag

Tote bag produced for the book launch of Sinfonia Meccanica.

Graphic design: Studio 23.56
silkscreen Printing: Sericraft
Edition of 30 copies
100% Cotton
Ethically Produced – Azo free, Made in the UK
Size: 40 × 37 cm (+handles)
Torino, 2019



An illustrator's quest for the perfect "E".

Illustrations and concept: Elyron
Printing and binding concept: Archivio Tipografico
Binding: Diego Prot
Fedrigoni Paper
Format: 11.5 × 16 cm
Language: English
Torino, 2010


L'Impressione del Tempo

Photobook showing the collection of Archivio Tipografico.

Graphic design and concept: Studio 23.56
Digital printing on coated paper
Format 20 × 26 cm
Language: Italian, English
Torino, 2018


10 Palazzi Rossi

Silent book. Illustrations of ten different buildings, resulting from a process of printing experimentation using hand-cut matrices and overprinting.
Only 2 copies left!

Concept, Illustrations: Danilo Mondino
Printing: Archivio Tipografico
Edition of 45 numbered copies
Paper: Gmund Cotton 300gsm
Cover: Fedrigoni Materica Terra
Format: 15 × 22.5 cm
Torino, 2019



A stencil game designed for kids (but not only!) to draw modular letters.

Please let us know via email if you have a preference for the envelope color.

Concept: Studio 23.56
Printing, die-cutting: Archivio Tipografico
Edition of 50 copies
Format: 19 × 14.5 cm
Torino, 2019


Fonderie Nebiolo Scarf

For old-school type-supporters.

Concept, graphic design: Studio 23.56
Edition of 50 copies
Jacquard wool fabric
Made in Italy
Size: 140 × 21 cm
(Unisex / Unisize)
Torino, 2018


Pixelpress – The Printshop

Digital/analogic posters handset with lead pixels and printed in 5 colors.

Illustration: Eboy
Concept, typesetting and printing: Archivio Tipografico
200 numbered copies
Press: Heidelberg OHZ 54×72
Paper: Arctic Munken Print White
Format: 46 × 56 cm (each)
Torino, 2017


CalenDario 2020

A bugs’ year.

Illustration, concept: Dario Quatrini
Printing: Archivio Tipografico
Edition of 100 numbered copies
Paper: Favini Sumo White 1mm
Format: 12.5 × 20 cm
Language: Italian, English
Torino, 2019


Erbario Letterario

7 linocut illustrations of plants and flowers juxtaposed with 7 poems.

Concept, illustration, graphic design: Gloria Maggioli - Atelier Lapis
Illustration printed with linocuts
Texts typeset in movable types
Printing: Archivio Tipografico
Edition of 100 numbered copies
Paper: Fedrigoni Materica
Format: 15.5 × 23 cm
Language: Italian
Torino, 2019


Retsop – Drop Caps

Book-poster printed in 300 numbered copies with movable types (Nebiolo Garaldus) and silkscreen printed illustrations.

Concept: Nello Russo - so–and–so
Illustrations: Dario Quatrini
Texts: Andrew Losowsky
Silkscreen printing: Paolo Berra
Movable type composition and printing: Archivio Tipografico
Sleeve: Fedrigoni GSK
Paper: Fedrigoni Materica Gesso
Format: 17.5 × 25 cm
Language: English
Torino, 2013


Letterpress 3D

Anaglyph poster, 3D glasses included.

Concept: Nello Russo
Printing: Archivio Tipografico
90gsm paper
Format: 50 × 70 cm
Language: English
Torino, 2012


Respect your Italics!

Poster designed about the invention of the italic type by Francesco Griffo, only recently credited to him.
Exhibited at the "Francesco Griffo, incline alla rabbia" exhibition at ISIA Urbino

Concept / Printing: Archivio Tipografico
Paper: Fedrigoni Materica Gesso 180gsm
Format: 50 × 70 cm
Language: English + Italian
Torino, 2015


Creatore di tipi

Homage to Alessandro Butti.
Poster composed only with original movable types designed by Alessandro Butti, art director of Nebiolo Foundry and teacher of Aldo Novarese.

Printing/Concept: Archivio Tipografico
Edition of 100 copies
Paper: Fabriano Umbria 100% cotton paper with watermark
Format: 33 × 50 cm
Torino, 2015


Newspaper hat Gutenberg

Gutenberg wearing the fruit of his invention.
Promotional poster printed for the presentation of “Tipi di Torino”.
Available in orange or white background, please let us know your preference via email.

Illustration / linocut: Giulia Garbin
Linocut printing, typesetting: Archivio Tipografico
Silkscreen printing: Paolo Berra
Paper: Fedrigoni Materica Gesso 180gsm
Format: 29 × 45 cm
Torino, 2014


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