Associazione Archivio Tipografico

Archivio Tipografico is based in Turin (Italy), in via Brindisi 13/a. By no coincidence the area has hosted several printshops and the only Italian foundry with an in-house art studio: the Nebiolo foundry. The vast majority of the typefaces we own was designed there.

The mission of the association, expressed in depth in the statute is to develop and promote the book arts and the discipline of traditional printing through the management of a space accessible to anyone, regardless of their background and training, where anyone can discuss and refine their passion through a learning-by-doing approach.

The typography brings together the rare typographic tools collected by Emanuele Mensa, collector and teacher of printing techniques, determined to keep them in use and make them available to young designers. One of the biggest Italian private collections, born in the early 2000s and which today has about 2,400 drawers of movable type including lead, wood and resin, nine fully functional printing presses and all the tools necessary to carry out the job of typographer. A place where time seems suspended, which constantly aims to preserve the tradition, quality, techniques and crafts of the arts of letterpress printing and movable type composition.

An active and collaborative workspace, where generations of printmakers, typesetters, artists and designers meet and where training and coaching courses on graphic design and artistic printing projects are held. A place that at first glance may seem nostalgic and aimed for the only purpose of conservation, but which instead escapes this end through the contemporary use of the materials and machines it conserves. New life is given to traditional typographic disciplines through constant contamination of analog tools and digital possibilities and an experimental approach.

The space is open by appointment. To visit us or discuss a project, contact us by email or call us by phone. To stay updated on the events organized, subscribe to our newsletter using the form below.

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Archivio Tipografico is located in via Brindisi 13/A (get directions) in Torino, north-west Italy. Just a short walk from Piazza Statuto or a couple of bus stops from Porta Susa train station (lines 46, 49, 13/, 16, 72, 72/).